Sevenoaks Weald Parish 

Welcome to the website of Sevenoaks Weald, a village of about 1,200 people in the Green Belt and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty just south of Sevenoaks, Kent. The site is operated by the village’s Parish Council. By browsing this site you can discover local amenities and services as well as gain an introduction to the variety of organisations, from sports to horticulture, that make the village such a vibrant community.

Latest News....

Gracious Lane Bridge Update

“Most of you will be aware that completion of the project on the Gracious Lane Bridge has been at a stand-still now for weeks.
This is due to underground utilities problems which have prevented the continuation of the work.
The good news is they have found a suitable solution at last, but regrettably we will not get the bridge fully open until late May or early June.
The contractors are planning on working behind the current barriers, but there will be a couple of total weekend closures towards the end of the work.
Our contacts at Highways England have promised to confirm closure dates after Easter.
I would like to thank everyone for their on-going continued patience. We will get there!
This last go-slow has not been the fault of Highways England, but due  to the utility company’s involved.”
Rosie Wood
Weald parish Council.

The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on 27th April at 7:30pm in the Memorial Hall. All are welcome. The agenda is below:

Speed limits in the village

Kent County Council has published its plans for changing the speed limits in and around the village following the campaign by the traffic action group. Residents and others have until 14th March to comment on the proposals below.


Weald Parish Council wishes to object to the proposed expansion of Gatwick Airport on the following grounds:


  1. Changes in travel habits caused by the Covid-19 pandemic mean that the economic case for the proposed plans is questionable. Technology, allied to the unwillingness of individuals to make business trips that now seem less necessary than they did, means that there is unlikely to be the dramatic rise in business traffic that airlines and airports are wishing for. Leisure travel remains subject to health concerns and, in any case, is likely to be affected by changing individual behaviours in response to concerns about climate change, which is a far more serious issue even than the pandemic. Trips such as the city breaks on which Gatwick previously thrived are likely to become less popular.

  2. The benefits to the local community in terms of jobs are overstated. The media campaign suggesting that local artisans will in some way benefit is misleading. It is far more likely that any expansion will just lead to the creation of more low-level jobs on zero hours or minimum wages.

  3. Expansion of Gatwick fits badly with Government commitments to reducing emissions. Aircraft produce far more of these than just about any other activity. And then there are the emissions that will be produced by the extra traffic predicted, not to mention those created by the construction equipment that would carry out the anticipated works. Incidentally, such works would swallow up yet more precious South-east countryside that would otherwise help to sequester carbon.

  4. Such an increase in air travel provision in the South-east would also go against the Government’s much touted policy of “levelling-up”. If any development were really felt to be needed at a national level, thought should be given to siting it somewhere more in need of development.

  5. People living in villages in Kent, Surrey and Sussex do so largely because they enjoy the comparative tranquility of country life. Any expansion of the airport - both during the construction works and after they are completed - would necessarily be detrimental to this enjoyment.

  6. This appears to be a vanity project on the part of the airport management that rides roughshod over the views of the local communities and flies in the face of the current economic realities.

Fly Tipping 

Weald Parish Council and Sevenoaks Council take fly tipping very seriously.We are one of the only councils with a dedicated portal to report it.  You can report any flytipping by clicking here. It is helpful if you take a photograph of the flytipping and use what3words app to report the location 

Village Design Statement Update

The group that has been working on a revised Village Design Statement has decided that as a result of the rejection by the Planning Inspectorate of Sevenoaks District Council’s local plan along with the disruption caused by the pandemic it cannot press ahead with the project. The group had been much encouraged by the response of the Weald community to the work, which aimed to produce a document that would have to be taken into account by the district council when making planning decisions. However, it was felt that the delay caused by the pandemic meant that the results of the questionnaire completed by residents were now open to question.

District Councillor Julia Thornton told the June Parish Council meeting that Weald was not alone in having its work halted by the pandemic and the council’s ongoing dispute with national authorities over its commitment to future housing. She said that the council was working hard to produce a new plan and that efforts were being made to help the parishes concerned progress with their village design statements.

However, because various members of the original working group have decided to pull out, any future efforts will require a new team. The Parish Council will make announcements regarding this in due course.