Traffic issues in the village 

Please find below updates from the Traffic Action Group

06/07/21- TAG would like to ask parishioners to consult the following document about the implementation of reducing the speed in the village. 





10/5/21- Please see the PDF for the latest update 







21/3/21 Owing to road closures whilst the survey equipment has been in place the survey company will review both Glebe Road and Church Road on 24th March and providing the roadworks are all gone are going to collect another 7 days data from those two sites.

12/3/21- As part of the review into speed limits within the village and the immediate surrounding area, KCC will be putting survey tubes in place at 10 locations for a period of 7 days from Sunday 14th March. Once information has been collected and analysed we hope to receive recommendations within 8 to 10 weeks, after which a consultation process will take place.

Following the previous Zoom meeting between the Traffic Action Group (TAG) and Kent Highways,  a Highways Improvement Plan was submitted by TAG to KCC seeking to reduce the speed limit in the village to 20 mph with a 30 mph ‘buffer zone’ around the village.  As part of the consideration of this plan a Traffic Survey will be conducted by KCC.   KCC has identified ten locations (on key access roads to the village) where these surveys will be conducted.  TAG has agreed these locations with KCC and subject to schools re-opening as anticipated, the surveys will take place in March after the schools resume.  TAG will await proposals from KCC once the information from the surveys has been analysed. Any recommendations will be subject to a consultation process.